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Equine Boarding

We hold fast to the belief that the best horses deserve the best care. Which is why we are proud to provide a wide variety of options so that you can ensure your equine partner has the environment and care necessary for a long and happy life. All clients who board with us will also have access to amenities including our 54'x180' indoor arena, outdoor arenas, round pens, wash racks, turnout lots, tack locker rental and trailer parking. We also provide veterinary and farrier services as needed.

Personalized Boarding

Whether your horse just needs some grass and grain with space to run, or the comfort and security of a warm stall, we can customize a boarding program just for you. Does your horse need daily supplements or a decent turnout to stretch their legs?  Whatever your needs are, we will ensure you can live in confidence that your horse is receiving the exact care he or she requires.

Stall Boarding

Stall Boarding is available in one of 30 indoor stalls. Stalls are 12x12 or 10x12 bedded on pine shavings. Grain and hay are fed twice a day. Fans are available in the summer. Fly Systems spray the barn hourly. Water buckets are cleaned weekly or as need. Stalls are cleaned daily. Tail boards are available in some stalls.

Overnight boarding is also available for short term stays. We have stalls and/or lots available.

Outdoor Boarding

We have Semi-Private lots where horses are kept in a safe, controlled environment. Each lot contains an automatic waterer, shelter and the horses are fed grain and hay twice a day. Lots are cleaned once a week. Our pasture boarding is available with automatic waterer, shelters and grain/hay are provided. The pasture holds a maximum of 12 horses.


Our veterinarian is on call 24 hours a day.


We are one of the only facilities that offers a purpose built treatment room on-site. 

We require all horses to have a negative coggins test and be current on worming and all vaccinations.

Farrier Services

We have several long-trusted farriers that come from across the country on set schedules as well as on-call for any additional shoeing needs. Farrier services are billed along with monthly boarding fees.

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