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We offer 3 different birthday party packages starting at only $150! 


Here is a very simple description of our party packages:

Farm Tour: (All ages) Your kiddo and their friends will experience an interactive farm tour with tons of animals! Chickens, fainting goats, mini cow, pigs, ponies, mini horses, horses, mini donkeys, and more. They will be able to feed and pet them too! 

Lead Rides (Ages 3 - 8): 

Your kiddo & their friends will experience riding horses/ponies an unlimited amount during the hour given. The riders will be lead by a hander at all times.

NO lead rides (Ages 8 & up): Your kiddo & their friends will experience riding horses an unlimited amount during the hour given. The rider will NOT be lead by a handler. 

There are multiple add-ons available including adding a farm tour onto your party, paint the pony, games and much more. 

Please fill out the contact form below if you are interested in having a party! Our party coordinator (Kaytelin) will contact you with more information and answer any questions you may have! 


Please bare with us on submitting requests for more information. We are quite overwhelmed with the amount of interest we receive. We can only do a limited amount of parties due to the need for multiple staff & horses/ponies. We have an extremely large lesson program that also uses the same horses. Animal health and rider safety is our #1 priority. 
Parties are only available on the weekends. We'll get to your request as soon as possible. 


Thanks for submitting!

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