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Starts Saturday, June 1st  at 10AM! 

                                        The WRA Working Student Program is 10                                           weeks of 2 hour classes held on Saturdays                                         at 10AM. Students will learn all about what                                         is involved to become a working student.


Some of the things that they will learn are

how-to halter, lead, tie, groom, bathe, and

parts of the horse. Also learn how-to tack

English and Western, assist students with 

mounting and dismounting, catching horses, cleaning stalls, and so much more. The MINIMUM age of student is 8 years old.                                  There is no max on age, adults are welcome!                                    Students are expected to work in this class.                                      They must attend all classes and fulfill the                                        requirement to pass to the next level. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. 

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