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WRA Horse Show

Entries are due by April 9th. 
After the 9th it will be $5 more per class. 

Mandatory Attire: WRA Shirt/Jacket/Hoodie, long pants, and boots are required.

Entry Fee: $30 per class (+ small online processing fee) 

Ribbons & Prizes in each class! 

Payment MUST be made at the time of signing up below. Space is limited.

12:00 Classes

1.  Best decorated horse. 

2. Walk-Whoa  

3. Leadline 

4. Walk-Trot Lead line

5. Walk-Trot English Pleasure

6. Walk-Trot English Equitation

6a. Walk-Trot Pattern Class

7. English Pleasure

8. English Equitation 

9. Showmanship at Halter  

10. Walk-Trot Western Horsemanship

11. Walk-Trot Western Pleasure

12. Western Pleasure

13. Western Horsemanship 

14. Pattern Class W-T-C

15. Pattern Class Bareback

16.  Ride-A-Buck

17. Trotting Barrels  

Prizes: Riders will receive gift certificates to Air Capital Decor and Tack! Our  tack store featuring lots of decor, jewelry, Breyer Horses, children's toys, and lots more! 

If you enter 3 classes by April 9th you will be eligible to win an additional class for FREE at the next show! 

Decorate your horse for the show! Get out the glitters, ribbons and bows! Let's have some fun and make our horses even more beautiful! 

Prize for the best decorated horse! 

Air Capital-Full Lockup 1-1920.png

Sign up by April 9th and you'll be entered in a drawing for a FREE riding lesson! 

Saturday, April 23rd! 
starts @ Noon

WRA Horse Show Sign-Up form


All classes are first come, first serve along with horse availability. 

Riders cannot do Walk-Trot and Walk-Trot Canter. 

Choose your class(es)
Choose how many classes you are enrolling in.

Good luck at the show!

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