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Professional Equine Training

With a combined 75 years of experience, Cheryl Manahan and her team specialize in training and developing top equine athletes of varying breeds and disciplines. While we primarily work with Morgan horses, Cheryl also has extensive experience training American Saddlebreds and Hackney Ponies. Our training staff creates a customized program for each horse so that every horse and rider are able to reach their full potential.

Program Summary

As part of our full training program, each horse receives daily training sessions 6 days per week. Horses will also enjoy one of our cozy indoor stalls with daily cleaning, fresh water, twice-daily hay/grain, custom supplements if needed, and a personal cooling fan during the summer months. The team will also work closely with our trusted farrier to ensure your horse has the perfect trim and shoes. 

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Short-Term Training

Whether you need some pre-competition preparation or a particular problem you would like resolved, we offer short-term, specialized training to fit your needs! You will first begin with a consultation with Cheryl to determine a training plan and timeline. At the end of your training program, your equine partner will be ready for whatever your goals may be!

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