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Farmers in Barn

Come enjoy an amazing time out at the WRA farm with some of our most popular animals! These encounters are all up close and personal with the animal. Be sure to pet, love, and give them many treats! 

Each individual animal experience will be up to 30 minutes. If you choose the longer pick 3 option it will be an hour or so. Please make sure to wear close toed shoes and long pants.  

Animal Experiences! 

Meet & Greet 

IMG_0319 5.heic

Time with Titan the Micro Bull

Titan is a rambunctious Micro Miniature cow. He’s full of life and loves to play with everyone. Get your picture with him, pet, pat, and give him treats. Ages *3years and up.

IMG_1818 2.jpg

Frolic with Frick the Mini Horse 

Frick is a Chestnut Miniature Horse. She is the Queen of Sass and absolutely loves being sassy and eating. (What a life). Get a picture, pet, pat and love on her all while learning about miniature horses.  Ages *3 years and up 

IMG_1818 2.jpg

Fun Time with Fainting Goats 

Our Fainting goats are hilarious vegetarians whose life goal is to eat every grass blade there is on the planet. 

Come hangout with all of the ladies and always some of their babies which are called “Kids”. They are always up to ridiculous antics. Ages *3 years and up 

DSC_8930 copy1.jpg

Meet A Morgan Horse! 

WRA is a "Morgan Horse" farm meaning we specialize in the Morgan Horse Breed. We have an amazing amount of Morgan horses. Come interact and hangout with a horse. 

DSC_8930 copy1.jpg
IMG_1818 2.jpg

Hangout with Multiple Animals! 

You can book 3 different animals for meet & greets for only $100! Click below and choose which animals you want to meet. 

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