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We're Showing at the Morgan Grand Nationals/World Championship in Oklahoma City   

Rider Schedule for Saturday October 17

We have 7 riders showing in multiple arenas today.

Click the name of the rider below to watch.

(Please note classes start promptly at designated times IE 9 am, 1pm, 7pm current class is shown in bottom left of the screen) 

9 am Session 



Performance Arena

Samantha Silverstein- Class 397 WC Saddle Seat Equitation 14 - 17

1 pm Session


Madeline Wolff and Amanda White - Class 232 AMHA Hunter Seat on the Flat Gold Medal Finals

6:30 pm Session


Amanda White and Lucy Enns - Class 233 PRESENTATION  AMHA Youth of the Year

Eva Cummings - Class 238 WC English Pleasure Amateur 

Cheryl Manahan - Class 242 WC Pleasure Driving

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