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WRA Fun Night

Saturday, October 23rd 
starts @ 6pm

Everyone is welcome to attend! Bring your family and friends. You must be a past or present WRA student to use WRA Academy horses during the fun night. You are also welcome to bring your own horse. Several volunteers are needed so please put in the comment box below if you'd like to help. 

Mandatory Attire: WRA Shirt, long pants, and boots are required.

Entry Fee: $26 per class (Sign up below) 

Ribbons & Prizes in each class! 

Payment MUST be made at the time of signing up below. Space is limited. 

Class descriptions 

Riders cannot do Horsemanship & Walk-Trot Horsemanship Western. Must pick only one. 

Horsemanship: Riders judged at a walk-trot-canter, their form and skill at handling their horse, ringmanship, and turnout of the horse/rider.  

Walk-Trot Horsemanship Western: Riders judged at a walk-trot, their form and skill at handling their horse, rimgmanship, and turnout of horse/rider. 

Command/Simon Sez: When the announcer gives a command you have 5 seconds to execute it correctly or you are out! 

Musical Lead Ropes: This is our take on musical chairs. We put out lead ropes on the ground and when the music stops they go stand with two legs on each side of the lead rope. 

Ride-A-Five: How well can you sit on your horse? The dollar bill will tell the story. Riders ride bareback with a 5 dollar bill between them and their horse and try not to lose it. 

Pattern Class: One of two patterns will be practiced in weeks prior to the show and pattern posted 1 hour prior to the class. 

Trotting Barrel Race: Just like the real thing only at the trot. Riders will execute a pattern around the barrel. 

Prizes: Riders will receive gift certificates to Air Capital Decor and Tack! Kansas largest Equine tack store featuring lots of decor, jewelry, Breyer Horses, children's toys, and lots more! 

Air Capital-Full Lockup 1-1920.png
Fun Night Sign Up form. 


All classes are first come, first serve along with horse availability. 

Riders cannot do Horsemanship & Walk-Trot Horsemanship Western. Must pick only one.

Choose your class(es)
Choose how many classes you are enrolling in.

Good luck at the show!

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