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Classes and Courses

WRA offers lessons to students ranging from 4 years to 90. Students learn all aspects of horsemanship from basic care and maintenance to skilled riding or driving. We offer lessons from beginner to advanced in western, hunt seat, saddle seat and driving. To us, horses are not only our friends, but also our teachers. WRA students learn the value of responsibility, hard work and respect for all living creatures

My Parent and Me Morning 9am-12pm

Spend the day with your child on our beautiful farm doing crafts, games and interacting with many different animals including fainting goats, sheep, Fonzie the miniature cow, chickens, ducks, geese and more. Check out our new website for additional classes and activities. 

Private Lessons

For students desiring a more personalized learning experience, we offer private, one on one lessons with our trained staff. Private lessons typically last about 30 minutes, not including necessary time for horse prep and cool down. This is a great option if you are a more advanced rider seeking further instruction or would simply prefer a more tailored learning experience. Price: $40

Group Lessons

A great way to learn new riding skills is in one of our group lessons. Learn alongside family or friends, or join a pre-existing class with riders of similar age and skill level! Group lessons typically consist of 4-6 riders and provide students with a full hour of careful instruction. Price: $40 per person

Beginner Classes

A wonderful way for beginning riders to learn the basics of riding is through our beginner classes. These 4-week classes are available Monday evenings from 6-7pm, starting the first week of each month. Availability is limited, so be sure to preregister for our next round of classes. Price: $120

Mini Lesson

Mini-lessons are the perfect way for kids 4-8 years of age to start out. These 15-minute lessons are a great option if you're not sure if your child can handle 30 minutes or if they just want to get their feet wet. For these lessons, our instructor remains with the horse and rider at all times, with a leadline for safety and control, while our mini riders will learn on our most gentle lesson horses. Price: $25

Interested in learning more about our courses?


WRA regularly hosts clinics and seminars with nationally-recognized trainers and equine professionals. For all upcoming events click here.

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